Quality Control

Quality Control

In the pump industry, we lead all the way with the competitors in Taiwan.

We enhanced machinery, techniques, quality control equipment and performance test to achieve standardization of manufacturing level. We awarded five certificates of Chinese National Standard (CNS) and ISO 9001 approved.

Chuan Yi continuous invests in equipment of quality control. Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) approved the test LAB of pump and motor.

99年正字標記證書7494-1 ISO 證書1030627

Inspection Equipment

Chuan Yi operates two sets of pump test bed equipment, were the computation of gateway and volume flow is satisfactorily calibrated by SGS. The pump test bed primary can test the pump of capacity range, voltage, horsepower, efficiency and so forth.

Computerized Automatic Pump Testing System   Pump Test Bed Equipment

Pump Test

Each pump parts, including shafts and impellers must undergo precisely test that makes pump run smooth and silent. Each pump will precede the performance test, and then go through continually operating to ensure no malfunction before shipping.

Pump Test   Pump Test