Main Accessory of Pump Set
Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump


  • The vacuum pump with special design rotor, that can work 24 hours continuous operating without overheat.

  • Smooth and quiet continuous operation.

  • Highly efficient oil circulation sustem ensures perfect lubrication and sealing in all critical areas of pump.

  • Equipped with the vacuum adjuster to setup the rated vacuum pressure and the oil gas collector that reduced loss of oil under 0.7% per hour.

  • Automatic clutch is an optional device that will reduce power loss and synchronizes with pump when water discharge or not.

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No. Parts Material
1 Body FC 250
2 Impeller hub FC 250
3 Impeller CARBON
4 Shaft S30C/SUS 410

Type Power Dia. Displacement
L / Min
Rated Speed
hp Kw Inch
RV-20 1 0.75 3/4 300 1000
RV-25 2 1.49 1 700 600
RV-50 3 2.2 2 1000 500

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