Submersible Pumps
Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps


The motor is constructed to lubricate by water, internal filling clean water that cannot Cause water pollution.
Quality is reliable and durable, without complex maintenance, excellent electricity properties and high efficiency. Rugged construction will not be deformed.

Stator outer tube made of stainless steel welding, stainless steel inner lining, high insulation wire and sealed by epoxy provide high insulation, good corrosion resistance, heat radiating good, high pressure resistance for deep well.

Super lower suction level, is not electricity leakage.
Centrifugal impeller design increase pump head
Two sets of mechanical seal and thrust bearings increase anti-wear ability and long life.
Precisely impeller balance calibrate by balancing machine. The pump runs smoothly and silently.
Safety design makes pump with 24 hours continuous operation ability.
Motor shaft directly connect to impeller for the best energy saving.
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Specification & Performance Curve (668 KB)
Performance Specification
Range of power:
2HP ~ 500HP
1.5W ~ 370KW

Range of head:
3M ~ 300M
10呎(ft) ~ 1000呎(ft)

Range of capacity:
26US/GPM ~13200US/GPM
0.1m³/min ~50m³/min
140CMD ~ 72000CMD

Pump from well
Water supply for building and industry
Agricultural irrigation
As booster in tubes and circulating
De-watering for pumping stations

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