A Series - High Head

CPM12 Auto Prime Engine Pumps

Auto Prime Engine Pumps



  1. Self-priming pumps have a special design vacuum system that can detect water automatically, when there is no water inlet.
  2. The special design chamber can separate water and air. The self prime pump will fill water in few minutes automatically.
  3. Non-clog design impeller can pass large solid. The self prime engine pump has clean hole for cleaning sediment.
  4. Engine speed adjustment tool, allow you control the rotational speed.
  5. Advanced control systems have warning and protective functions for your option.
  6. The patent aluminum-made quick connection joint is easy to operate and light weight. The rubber pipe can match the connecting joint firmly and closely.
  7. Light weight and small size, easy to operate and moveable. This pump is applicable to all kinds of emergency pumping.
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Model CPM12
Type Self-priming pump
Capacity 2.17m³ / min
Rated head 10 m
Max. capacity 2.37m³ / min
Max head 21 m
Suction diameter 100 mm
Discharge diameter 100 mm
Rotation speed 3000 rpm
Passage solid 20 mm
Engine brand Kubota
Weight 210 KG

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